Tablescapes to inspire your next celebration

Tablescapes to inspire your next celebration

The dining table is a place where the party gathers to share stories, raise a toast, and feast with family and friends. A themed tabletop that reflects your styling aesthetic will not only elevate your guests' dining experience but also enhance the fun. We’ve curated stunning perfect tablescapes that will inspire your next gathering.

Elevate your breakfast

Turn breakfast into a feast for the eyes with gorgeous linens from Bonnie & Neil, and goblets from Maison Balzac. Whether you're hosting a weekend brunch or simply treating yourself, a gorgeous tablescape can elevate your morning ritual like nothing else. Head to Qantas Marketplace for all things breakfast chic. From playful napkins and elegant tablecloths to hand-blown goblets and statement vases, we've got everything you need to create a setting that's as delicious as the morning menu.  Plus, earn or use your Qantas Points on your purchase – making your beautiful breakfast even sweeter.

Florence Stripe Wheat Napkins

Add a touch of artistic flair to your breakfast table with Bonnie and Neill's Florence Stripe Wheat Napkins, featuring original artwork by Bonnie Ashley. These 100% cotton napkins come in a set of six and make the perfect finishing touch.

Goblets in Amber

Sip your morning brew in style with these hand-blown beauties from Maison Balzac. Perfect for your morning green juice, smoothie or lemon water, each amber glass adds a touch of elegance and warmth to your breakfast ritual.

Hampshire Gold Dinner Setting

Noritake's Hampshire Gold Dinner Setting redefines classical dining with its exquisite design. Featuring delicate lace patterns and 24K gold trim, this white porcelain set makes every meal feel like a special occasion.

Resin Pebble Vase in Honeycomb

Bring a touch of charm to your table with the sculptural Honeycomb Resin Pebble Vase from Dinosaur Designs. This unique piece, inspired by natural forms, is perfect for mid-stemmed flowers or as a solo statement.

Vela Ceramic Water Jug

Infuse Mediterranean vibes into your breakfast with the Vela Ceramic Water Jug by Alex and Trahanas. This hand-painted jug adds a pop of colour and coastal charm to your breakfast setting. Use it for water, flowers or simply as a decorative accent.

Cosmopolitan Cutlery Set

Complete your tablescape with the sleek and sophisticated Cosmopolitan Cutlery Set from Maxwell & Williams. Combining functionality with chic design and crafted from high-quality stainless steel, this set brings a modern edge to your breakfast table.

Style with stripes

Throw away the rulebook when table dressing to celebrate. Deviatefrom a stiff white tablecloth and play with bold prints and colours, organic crockery, and gorgeous blooms that feel as though they’ve grown around your tablescape on their own. We’ve collected iconic linens from Bonnie & Neil, and keepsake ceramics from Alex and Trahanas to create an unforgettable tablescape that will make your guests beam.

"We like to mix and match our table products in contrasting colours for more impact" - Bonnie & Neil

Florence Stripe Pistachio Tablecloth

Beautifully soft woven cotton rectangular tablecloth. This gorgeous piece of linen cloth features artwork by Bonnie Ashley, and is essential to achieving a bold patterned look. This tablecloth is available in two sizes.

Woven Stripe Pink Napkins

Made from the same soft woven cotton, the Stripe Pink napkins look striking, yet complimentary when layered on the Pistachio Table cloth. Have your guests dab their mouths in style with gorgeous pink and white linen.

Five Star French Porcelain Dinner Plate (set of 4)

Have your guests feast on a plate that speaks to century-old skills in ceramic traditions. This porcelain plate is made from organic clay and is elegant and interesting in its uneven form. With a delicate striped edge, it’s the perfect addition to this themed tablescape.

Rose Lorne Wine Glass

Bring the party alfresco with confidence with the acrylic, yet elegant Lorne Wine Glass. These drinking glasses feature a refined, fluted edge and add a touch of luxury to the table. The rose hue ties in beautifully with the selected napkins, and creates a harmonious setting for your guests.

Laguiole Debutant St. Tropez Cutlery Set (24 Piece)

Dine with genuine French Laguiole cutlery with the help of the prestigious André Verdier. His dreamlike collections are table classics, and display craftsmanship at its best. With bold resin handles adorned with the traditional bee emblem, this cutlery set is any entertainer's dream.

Ceramic Wine Cooler - Yellow Stripe, Puglia Italy

Wow your guests with decorative ceramics reminiscent of the striped store-front awnings of Italian fruit shops. Use it the way Alex and Trahanas intended and chill your favourite bottle to enjoy or fill it with coral and orange blooms to truly set the scene. This ceramic is hand-painted and will be enjoyed in the home when the party's over.

Neutral textures

In the realm of tablescaping, the allure of simplicity and sophistication still remains. With the help of Qantas Marketplace, you can create a neutral masterpiece for your guests, where organic textures and muted tones reign supreme. With the help of the likes of Country Road, Robert Gordon and Cultiver, create a neutral tablescape that celebrates subtlety.

Linen Tablecloth - Extra Large

This white linen tablecloth is a true ode to understated luxury and timeless elegance. Cultiver's commitment to quality is evident in the soft, breathable linen fabric that drapes gracefully, creating a canvas for your culinary creations.

Hazel table runner

Evoke rustic charm with this gorgeous, textured table runner from Country Road. The earthy tones and intricate weaving of the hazel fibres bring a touch of nature to your table, creating a warm and inviting ambience for gatherings both small and large.

Teer Placemat

The Teer Placemat from Country Road is a must-have on a neutral table setting being both versatile and stunning. This placemat is hand-woven from 100% Jute and adds a high summer look to your table.

Portrait Collection Double Circle 8 Jug

The Double Circle design creates a visual symphony with organic, tactile ceramic. Whether you're serving refreshing beverages at a summer soiree or showcasing a vibrant floral centrepiece, the Double Circle 8 Jug is a timeless addition to your entertaining repertoire.

Lorne Platter

The Lorne Platter is a minimalist piece that allows your delectable creations to take centre stage, transforming any dining setting into a display of refined taste. This platter is more than a serving vessel, it is a testament to refined taste.

The Arrangement Boat Vase

Set sail into a world of floral elegance with Robert Gordon's The Arrangement Boat Vase. This unique vase transcends the ordinary, resembling a sleek boat and is crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail. Its gentle curves and muted hues provide the perfect backdrop for showcasing your favourite blooms.

Playful colours and wonderful shapes 

If neutrals aren't your cup of tea, let the endless world of bold colours and eclectic pieces take centre stage for your next soirée. Tableware does not have to be limited to functionality, it can be an opportunity to express yourself and allow your guests to revel in a world of playfulness with help from Maison Balzac, Dinosaur Designs and Bonnie + Neil. Browse through curated items and create a table setting where laughter flows as freely as the wine and each detail tells a story of impeccable taste and delightful moments.

Petite Cocktail Napkin - Pink and Coral

Add a touch of whimsy to the table with these playful cocktail napkins from Maison Balzac. Woven sustainably from European flax, these unique hand-designed napkins will invite a pop of colour and a round of applause from your guests. 

Manhattan Glass - Pink and red

Sip in style with Maison Balzac's Manhattan Glass in Pink and Red – a testament to the artistry of glassware. This glass always carries a cherry in her heart to ensure you are never caught without the finishing touch.

Tiny Checkers Vanilla Tablecloth

The delicate pattern of tiny checkers in a soothing vanilla hue creates a canvas for culinary masterpieces, making every meal an artistic affair. Crafted with Bonnie & Neil's signature attention to detail, the tablecloth is not only visually stunning but also a testament to quality craftsmanship. 

Dotdot Platter - Clear and Multi

This platter embodies playful sophistication in glassware. It is not just a serving piece; it's a celebration of whimsy and style. Showcase delectable appetisers or a selection of artisanal cheeses, the Dotdot Platter will add a touch of playful flair to your table setting.

Resin Pebble Plate - Honeycomb

Embrace the allure of organic elegance with an iconic Resin Pebble Plate. Each plate is a unique piece of functional art, celebrating the beauty of imperfection. Whether you're serving appetisers, and desserts, or showcasing the plate as a standalone art piece, infuse your dining experience with a touch of natural, playful intricacy.

Small Resin Pebble Vase - Shell Pink

This petite vase is a celebration of organic forms, echoing the gentle curves and textures found in nature's pebbles. The soft shell pink hue adds a touch of romance, transforming any floral arrangement into a poetic masterpiece. Crafted with Dinosaur Designs' meticulous attention to detail, each vase is a unique testament to the brand's commitment to both form and function.

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