Affogato recipe: Be inspired with Breville

Difficulty: Easy

Time: 5 mins


In Australia, coffee is a ritual. A part of our culture. We wake up early to exercise, frequent cafes for brekkie and brunches, or use it to accompany or follow our desserts. But, when you can’t decide if you even want dessert, the Italians invented a tasty way to do both — Affogato. A delicious blend of espresso coffee, ice cream and more. And now, you can make the perfect one at home with this simple recipe. All you need is a Breville coffee machine, ice cream and whatever else you’d like to add to it.


  • 2 scoops vanilla gelato or ice cream

  • 1 shot hot espresso

  • 2 teaspoon shaved chocolate or cocoa powder (optional) or for a more decadent dessert try chocolate-coated hazelnuts — yum


  1. Scoop the gelato/ice cream into a small glass or bowl.

  2. Brew a fresh shot of hot espresso.

  3. Pour the hot espresso over the top of the gelato slowly.

  4. If desired, top with shaved chocolate, cocoa powder, or chocolate-coated hazelnuts.

  5. Serve immediately with a small spoon to enjoy the melty, coffee-infused dessert drink.


  • Use different ice cream flavours like chocolate, coffee, or hazelnut

  • Drizzle with chocolate sauce, caramel sauce, or hazelnut spread

  • Add a shot of liquor like amaretto, Frangelico, or coffee liqueur

  • Sprinkle with chopped nuts, chocolate shavings, or crushed biscotti

The affogato is meant to be a simple but decadent combination of hot espresso poured over cold, creamy gelato. The name literally means "drowned" in Italian. It's a perfect after-dinner indulgence for coffee and dessert lovers alike.

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