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Q Cleaning & Maintenance Set

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Easy clean up after a great meal.

Weber - Q Cleaner

  • Keeping your barbecue looking like new should be as easy as it is to cook on
  • The Weber Q BBQ cleaner will keep your Weber Q looking its best, while not consuming your weekend
  • It has a unique formula made to specifically remove grease, fat and smoke stains keeping your barbecue glistening.
  • User friendly spray bottle for easy application
  • Specifically designed to remove grease, fat and smoke stains

Weber - Small Drip Pan, 10 Pack

  • A simple drip pan can save you from a whole lot of maintenance
  • They line the drip tray of your barbecue to make the disposal of grease easy and clean
  • With a quality aluminium construction, these trays are easily replaced when a layer of fat and grease accumulates.
  • Aluminium construction
  • High quality, sharp edge free
  • Makes for hassle free cleaning of your barbecues drip tray
  • Simply replace with a new pan once a layer of fat and grease has accumulated

Weber - Q Cookbox Scraper- Black

  • Keeping you barbecue in top condition and looking like new is easier than you think with the Weber Q cookbox scraper
  • Designed to keep your Weber Q nice and clean
  • Simply remove the grills and use the BBQ scraper to scrape any greasy build up into the drip tray below this will help avoid fat fires
  • Flexible plastic for easy cleaning
  • Designed to reach all around the cookbox

Grill Brush

  • A clean cooking grill prevents yesterday's steak dinner from tainting today's carefully seasoned and delicately flavoured fish and veggies
  • Use the Grill Brush to clean your cooking grills before each use so that each meal is as delicious as the next

What's in the Box:

  • 1 x Weber Q Cleaner
  • 10 x Small Drip Pans
  • 1 x Weber Q Cookbox Scraper
  • 1 x Grill Brush

Model number

  • K91137
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