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Thunder Pro Medium

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Play ultimate.

Thunder Pro is the future of trampolines. Patented Leaf Spring technology provides a bounce without compressing coils or rods, which means bouncing is safer than ever.

Long-lasting and soft net
Protect your family, with a stronger polyethylene enclosure that - unlike other trampolines - is thoroughly 'wet-tested' to verify superior UV performance in real weather conditions.

No contact injuries
Advanced Vuly safety features ensure that bouncers never touch springs, poles or the frame.

Fine and tear-resistant
Avoid catching fingers and toes, with tightly woven netting.

Sturdy frame and premium finish
Play on a stable dual-ring steel foundation. It's galvanised - inside and out - to defend against rust, heat treated and fully powder-coated, even at joints that you can't see.

Truly vertical bouncing.
Bounce without the twist of coils and rods, which can strain your knees.

Gentle-edge Compact Leaf Springs.
Experience lighter Leaf Springs that are pre-curved and rivet-less for a more robust, higher bounce.

Pre-curved, with no welds or rivets for even easier installation!

2,500,000 spring recoils
Simulating over 10 years of play for a 100 kg user

40,000 frame bounces
Using a 185 kg weight at 100 km/h

Independently certified... Globally
Beware of outdoor play products that don’t back up their claims with safety standards. Each Vuly model is accredited not just to Australian Safety Standards, but also to those in the USA, by one of the top recognised product certification companies: TÜV or Intertek. It’s why we really can claim that our trampolines are built to withstand 750 kg of static weight.


  • No-contact net poles - Hourglass design means no hard landings.
  • World's tallest safety net - Superfine, soft and ready to support for rugged bouncing.
  • Flexible, full-length door - Easy access through a self-shutting and zipless door.
  • Edge-to-edge bouncing - Springless safety, with no padding required.
  • Revolutionary Leaf Springs - Unique and safe rebound system - tested for 20,000 bounces.
  • Trampoline games for life - More fun on built-in games - exclusive to Vuly.


  • Trampoline width: 367cm
  • Safety Net height: 190cm
  • Mat width: 253cm
  • Frame width: 298cm
  • Mat height: 83cm
  • Trampoline height: 300cm
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