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Baby Steamer and Blender

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Fast bottle preparation: The Perfect Prep machine delivers a fresh formula feed at body temperature in just two minutes! 10x faster than boiling water and waiting for it to cool. Use with tap water: For added convenience there is no need to use bottled or filtered water. Our antibacterial filter with internal filtration membrane removes bacteria, impurities and contaminants. Easy to use: After adding the formula, press a button to release a hot shot of 70°C water that kills any bacteria in the formula, shake the bottle then press the button again to dispense cooler water. Different feed sizes: Suitable for use with any brand of formula, the machine prepares the exact amount you need from 4fl oz to 11fl oz. The adjustable base suits different bottle shapes and sizes. Sleep friendly: With a clear digital display, adjustable volume control, and soft-glow lights preparing a bottle in the dark has never been easier.


  • Fast bottle preparation.
  • Use with tap water.
  • Easy to use.
  • Different feed sizes.
  • Sleep friendly.
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