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Pull up Bar

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Train your back, shoulders and arms simultaneously with the ptp ptp pull up bar. Set up your bar at 3 different heights to quickly shift exercises thanks to the 3 pairs of included mounting brackets. Fits any standard wooden door frame (must be screwed in). Get a total upper body workout and target your lats, biceps, shoulders, rhomboids, traps, chest & forearms. Different heights on your door frame. Ideal for pull-ups and chin-ups, a high mounting setup will allow you to develop upper body strength by working on your back, shoulders and arms simultaneously. Perform inverted rows with the mid-level mounting and use the low setup to perform push-ups. You can also perform dips and even sit-ups to strengthen your abs when using the bar as a foot hold. Superior quality, comfort and compatibility Easy to assemble and install, the pull up bar is made from heavy-duty iron and features broad premium thermoplastic elastomer handles for superior grip and comfort. Built to last, the pull up bar is easily adjustable and fits all standard interior wooden door frames (from 62 to 85 cm width). Leverage your workouts with superbands* Compatible with both the ptp pull up bar and pull up pro, superbands help you lift your own body weight and allow you to perform pull-ups or chin-ups for the first time, or allow you to do more reps than ever before. They are colour coded and come in 5 different weight leverage / resistance levels.


  • HEAVY DUTY ADJUSTABLE BAR Fits any standard door frame (width from 62cm to 90cm).

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  • POW-PUB1
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