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Twin Pack Cordless Phone

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Get your household connected and organised with the Panasonic KXTG7892AZS Twin Pack Cordless Phone, advanced features in an easy-to-use package.

Cordless Phones - Everyday Living: KX-TG7892AZS
Digital Cordless Telephone with Link-to-Cell system, Key Finder and 2 Handsets
Colour S [Silver]
Handset (Quantity) 2
Frequency 1.9 GHz
Frequency Range 1.88 GHz - 1.90 GHz
Number of Channels 120 Channels

Key Finder Included
The handset detects lost items
Simply attach the Key Finder to items that you often misplace, and use the handset to find them quickly and easily. You can see roughly how close you are to your lost item on the LCD screen, and both the handset and Key Finder beep when being searched for, making them easy to find. You can add up to four Key Finders
(sold separately).

Link your mobile phone to your home phone
Now you can make and receive mobile phone calls through your multi-handset home phone with the Bluetooth powered Panasonic LINK-TO-CELL. LINK-TO-CELL harnesses the power of Bluetooth to combine the freedom of your mobile phone and the convenience of a home phone. By simply placing your mobile phone where reception is the best, you can communicate using the cordless handset clearly anywhere in your home.

Text Message Alert
With Text Message (SMS) Alert you will never miss a text message
The KX-TG787x Link-to-Cell series includes a Text Message Alert function which signals the home phone handsets when you receive a text on your mobile phone.

USB Charge
The KX-TG787x series feature USB charging port
No convenient electrical outlet for charging your mobile phone? The KX-TG787x Link-to-Cell series feature a convenient USB charging port. And because it's LINK-TO-CELL, you can answer your mobile phone calls on your Panasonic home phone handsets without draining your mobile phone's battery.

Noise Reduction
Reduce the background noise of the other party
The Noise Reduction feature of the handset lets you suppress background noise around the caller while simultaneously enhancing their voice, making it easier to hear them.

Customised Sound System (Equalizer)
Lets you comfortably hear the caller's voice form the handset.
The sound volume of each frequency band can be adjusted. Users can select from three different types of sounds according to their hearing. This lets you adjust the sound of the other party's voice for easy listening.

Power Back-Up Operation
A powerful battery back-up system helps you stay connected temporarily even when the power goes out. Keep a charged handset in the base unit and you can still make and receive calls with the other cordless handsets.
Advanced TAM
Catch answering machine calls whether you are at home or away
At Home:
When a new message is recorded on the answering machine, the base unit can alert you with a sound.
When you are away, it can send an alert by a call to a pre-registered mobile phone or office phone. When you are alerted by a call, after you answer you can hear your new message.

Panasonic's DECT Cordless Phone products have been tested for National Broadband Network (NBN) compatibility.
NBN Co Limited is an Australian government-owned corporation who are tasked to design, build and operate Australia's National Broadband Network.
NBN Co and Enex TestLab have collaborated to allow product providers such as Panasonic to test their cordless phones. This is done using a range of phone services which are provided under the NBN banner.
1. Panasonic have tested their Cordless DECT Phone range using the Enex Test Lab.
2. The Enex Test Lab has certified that Panasonic's range of phones, with exception of two models**, are fully compatible with the services provided by the NBN.
3. Please check with your NBN service provider;
a. How to correctly connect your Panasonic
phone to your router/modem supplied by
your NBN provider.
b. For compatibility if you have a power fail
backup function.
** (except KX-PRS120AZW and KX-PRW120AZW)


  • Using Panasonic's Link-To-Cell
  • you can connect your mobile phone via bluetooth and use one of the Handsets to make and answer calls
  • or display text message notifications. There's an integrated USB port for charging your mobile phone.
  • With noise reduction and frequency band adjustment
  • the KXTG7892AZS Phone ensures you can clearly hear voices even with background noise or quiet lines.
  • The Panasonic Twin Pack includes a key finder: a small device to attach to your keys that beeps when you use your handset to hunt for it. The handset also has a proximity locator for better results.
  • The advanced answering machine service allows you to hear your calls while you are out of the home using a mobile phone number you've pre-registered with the Panasonic KXTG7892AZS.
  • Even in the event of a power drop-out
  • you can leave one of the Panasonic Handsets in the base
  • and operate the other one for as long as the battery power remains.


  • Colour S [Silver]
  • Handset (Quantity)2
  • Frequency1.9 GHz
  • Frequency Range1.88 GHz - 1.90 GHz
  • Number of Channels120 Channels
  • SystemDECT6.0
  • Number of Phone Lines1
  • Multiple Handsets Capability Up to 6 Handsets
  • LCD Language English
  • Low Radio Power Y
  • Link-to-Cell Y
  • Mobile Registration Number2
  • Ring as Cell Mode Y
  • Text Message Alert Y
  • USB Charging Y
  • Key Finder Compatible Y
  • Multiple Key Finder Capability Up to 4 Key Finders
  • Repeater Available Y
  • Clear Sound Y
  • Noise Reduction Y
  • Customized Sound System (Equalizer)Treble/Bass
  • Power Back-Up Operation Y
  • Power Back-Up Operation* The base unit gets temporary power supply from a handset in the case of a power outage.
  • Any Key Answer Y
  • Night Mode Y
  • Conference Call with Outside Line Y
  • Conference Call with Outside Line3Way
  • Conference Call with Outside Line* Optional handset may be required depending on the model.
  • Call Share Y
  • Call Share* Optional handset may be required depending on the model.
  • Intercom (Handset to Base Unit)Y
  • Intercom (Handset to Handset)Y
  • Intercom (Handset to Handset)* Optional handset may be required depending on the model.
  • Clock Y
  • Alarm (Wake-up / Memo alarm)Y/-
  • Bluetooth® Headset Capability (HSP Support)Y
  • Caller IDY
  • Caller ID* Requires subscription to Caller ID and / or SMS service offered by your telephone company.
  • Caller ID Memory50 items
  • Caller ID Memory* Requires subscription to Caller ID and / or SMS service offered by your telephone company.
  • Call Waiting Caller IDY
  • Call Waiting Caller ID* Requires subscription to Caller ID and / or SMS service offered by your telephone company.
  • Category Ringer / Ringer IDY
  • Category Ringer / Ringer ID* Requires subscription to Caller ID and / or SMS service offered by your telephone company.
  • Category Ringer / Ringer ID* Requires registration in Phonebook function.
  • Talking Caller ID (Handset)Y
  • Talking Caller ID (Handset)* Requires subscription to Caller ID and / or SMS service offered by your telephone company.
  • Talking Caller ID (Base Unit)Y
  • Talking Caller ID (Base Unit)* Requires subscription to Caller ID and / or SMS service offered by your telephone company.
  • Talking Caller ID Language English
  • Talking Caller ID Language* Requires subscription to Caller ID and / or SMS service offered by your telephone company.
  • Incoming Call Barring Y(250 numbers)
  • Incoming Call Barring* Requires subscription to Caller ID and / or SMS service offered by your telephone company.
  • Base Unit Phonebook Memory (Name/Number)3000 items
  • Base Unit Phonebook Memory (Name/Number)(16char/24digits)
  • Shared Phonebook Y
  • Phonebook Copy from Mobile Phone via Bluetooth Y
  • Speed Dial (Handset)Y
  • Chain DialY(Base Unit/Handset)
  • LCD1.8 inch
  • LCD FullDot Monochrome
  • LCD103x65 pixels
  • LCD Backlight Colour White
  • Illuminated Keypad Amber
  • Speakerphone (Volume Steps)Y(6-step)
  • Ringer Pattern (Tone+Melody)PSTN:15(5+10)
  • Ringer Pattern (Tone+Melody)CELL:15(5+10)+In band Tone
  • Polyphonic Ringer Melody32 chord
  • Ringer Volume Steps6+OFF
  • Receiver Volume Steps4.0
  • Redial Memory5(Name & Number)
  • Redial Memory* It requires registration in the phonebook to display the name.
  • Digits of Redial Number48.0
  • Hold Y
  • Mute Y
  • Headset Jack Y
  • Wall Mountable (Charger)Y
  • Dial Keypad Y
  • Display2.5 inch Monochrome
  • Display103x39 pixels
  • Display2Line+Softkey or Pict+1Line+Softkey
  • Speakerphone (Volume Steps)Y(8-step)
  • Ringer Pattern (Tone+Melody)PSTN:1(1+0)
  • Ringer Pattern (Tone+Melody)CELL:1(1+0) +In band Tone
  • Redial Memory 10(Name & Number)
  • Handset Locator Y
  • Wall Mountable Y
  • Answering System Y
  • Total Recording Time About 18 min
  • Audible Message Alert Y(Base Unit)
  • New Message Notification by a Call Y
  • Announcement Language of New Message Notification English
  • Speaker Volume (Base Unit Speaker)8+OFF
  • Call screening (Handset)Y
  • Call screening (Base Unit)Y
  • Language of Pre-recorded Greeting Message English
  • Remote Operation from Handset Y
  • Remote Operation from Outside (DTMF)Y
  • Toll Saver (New Messages Recorded / No New Message)2/5
  • Key Finder Included (Quantity)Y(1)
  • Belt Clip Included Y
  • Optional Handset Y(KX-TGA680)
  • Rechargeable Battery Ni-MH(AAA x 2)
  • Talk Time Up to 10 hours
  • Standby Time Up to 8 days
  • Charge Time About 7 hours
  • Standby Power Consumption1.2 W
  • Base Unit Dimensions (W x D x H)Approx. 178 mm x 115 mm x 101 mm
  • Handset Dimensions (W x D x H)Approx. 48 mm x 31 mm x 168 mm
  • Charger Dimensions (W x D x H)Approx. 72 mm x 73 mm x 39 mm
  • Key Finder Dimensions (W x D x H)Approx. 30 mm x 11 mm x 73 mm
  • Base Unit Weight Approx. 354 g
  • Handset Weight with Battery Approx. 131 g
  • Charger Weight Approx. 101 g
  • Key Finder Weight Approx. 17 g
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