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10 Cup Rice Cooker with 4 Menus

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The rice cooker with a mind of its own.

This simple and modern unit can produce up to 20 cups of cooked rice

Using a micro-computer and fuzzy logic technology, this simple rice cooker is able to automatically adjust power for more precise and consistent results. It is also easy to use, featuring large one-touch control buttons for the four menu options.

Easy one-touch control and versatile cooking modes

In addition to perfectly steamed white and brown rice, you can be creative and use this unit to cook porridge and soup or you can steam items like dumplings, using the included steam basket. The SR-DF181 also features one-touch operation, allowing you to access the four main programs simply by pushing one button on the front panel. When cooking is complete the SR-DF181 automatically switches to Keep Warm Mode and the rice is maintained at the perfect temperature.

The rice cooker with a mind of its own

Fuzzy logic is a way to program machines to look at the world more like a human would. Where an ordinary rice cooker would complete its task as a single-minded mechanical process, the SR-DF181 is capable of making independent judgement calls, based on each set of ingredients and the cooking environment. In other words, this rice cooker can adjust the temperature and cooking time the same way that you would. The beauty of this is that you can walk away from the SR-DF181 and know you will enjoy the same flawless result that could generally only be achieved from standing watch over a pot on the stove.

Easy to use, clean and store

The range boasts a lightweight, compact design to complement any contemporary kitchen. The SR-DF181 feature a removable inner pan and non-stick surfaces for easy washing and cleaning. The power cord can be removed for tidy storage, and included with the cooker is a handy rice scoop, measuring cup and steam basket.


  • One-touch easy operation with four categories
  • Keep warm for up to five hours
  • Advanced Fuzzy Logic technology
  • Easy to clean non-stick pan
  • 10 cups uncooked/20 cups cooked rice
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