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Folio Steel 3 Piece Chopping Board - Bamboo

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This stunning design features a slimline, stainless-steel case that keeps three large chopping boards beautifully organised and makes a real statement on the worktop. Each bamboo board has a tough cutting surface on both sides and non-slip feet. They can be easily removed from the case due to the smart angled design and stainless-steel selecting bars. The case holds each board neatly apart, allowing air to circulate, and features a fingerprint-proof coating to make cleaning easy and non-slip feet on the base.


  • Double-sided chopping boards with non-slip feet
  • Tough bamboo cutting surfaces
  • Stainless-steel bars for easy board selection
  • Fingerprint-proof stainless-steel case
  • Case holds boards apart allowing air to circulate
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