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ATRD660 Heavy Duty Radome 6.6dBi UHF Antenna - Barrel Spring

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A rugged heavy duty antenna best suited for 4WD enthusiasts and off-road touring. Ideal for communication across long flat and open environments.


  • Elevated Stainless Steel Barrel Spring Base
  • UHF CB 477MHz - Ground Independent Design
  • Heavy Duty Fibre Glass Radom Protects Antenna from the elements
  • 4.5m Low Loss Coax Cable
  • Black Heat Shrink Fibre Glass Wrap
  • Designed for Off Road UHF CB Communication
  • Sleek Design
  • Easy to swap whips


  • Compatibility: EXG1000 or EXG3000 (Sold Seperately)
  • Gain: 6.6dBi (Suitable for Longer Flatter Pattern Operations. Suitable for off-road Flat Open Areas)
  • Whip Length: 104.8cm
  • Antenna Total Length: 118cm
  • Coax Cable Length: 4.5m
  • Base Type: Barrel
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