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Travel Hairbrush 100% Natural Boar-bristle & Wood

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A regular brushing is necessary for stimulating blood circulation, which generates hair growth, oxygenates the scalp and eliminates impurities. Brushing from root to tip distributes natural oils, protecting the hair fiber against harmful external factors, while brushing just a few times daily will strengthen the hair, make it supple and add shine. Thanks to its small size, this hairbrush will accompany you everywhere.

Like an old fashioned dressing brush. 

This award winning, handmade brush features 100% natural, ethically sourced boar bristles and a wooden handle. Brushing regularly stimulates blood circulation, generating hair growth, eliminating impurities and oxygenating the scalp. The bristles on this go-everywhere brush are all different lengths to gently grip each hair as you brush it, making it a very gentle, non-damaging experience that leaves each strand strengthened, soft, and shiny*. This hand-bag sized brush is a keeper! 

Hand-crafted using traditional French expertise. 

*Avoid contact with oil as it can damage the durability of the boar bristles. 


  • Hand-crafted using traditional French expertise
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