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Mr Garlic

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Is your food missing a little something? Then give the food that certain something with the Borner garlic press - Mr. Garlic Garlic is characterized by a delicious, spicy taste and is therefore also ideal for refining dishes. A bit of garlic abrasion turns our food into an absolute treat. In order to process the garlic clove almost odour-free, you should use the practical garlic press. This not only catches the garlic, but you can also peel it directly with the garlic peeler provided. With our in-house garlic press, we not only ensure healthy nutrition, but also ensure that there is no boredom in the kitchen. You not only get a garlic press, but also a practical silicone garlic peeler. With this you can quickly and efficiently remove the peel from the garlic cloves. To do this, place the clove of garlic in the rubber ring, roll it and the peel is removed. Then you can insert the clove of garlic into the opening of the press, turn it and you already have a fine grater with which you can prepare and refine delicious dishes. The abrasion of the garlic clove is collected in a container. The set also includes a lid that you can put on to keep the garlic fresh for longer. With the Mr. Garlic garlic press, you can now prepare garlic almost odourlessly, chop it up and store it straight away.


  • Dimensions:
  • Garlic Press: 16.5cm x 6cm x 6cm
  • Technical specifications:
  • Odorless processing and storage of garlic
  • Includes silicone garlic peeler
  • Suitable for finely grated garlic
  • Collection tray for rasps
  • Free from plasticizers and BPA
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