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Yoga Belt

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BLACKROLL® YOGA BELT Supports stretching in individual yoga postures. Allows greater reach for arms and hands.   Suitable for any body size, buckle made of metal D-rings to hold the belt securely at the desired length.    Many people practice yoga to achieve a completely new bodily feeling, more relaxation, and more flexibility. Yoga is indeed an excellent way to relax, both physically and mentally, and to gain new strength. If you want to perfect your yoga poses and achieve even better stretching, you should use the BLACKROLL® BELT (black). This belt can be a great help in carrying out yoga postures to achieve even better muscular and fascial mobility and gentler stretching.  FOR BEGINNERS AND PROFESSIONALS: GENTLE STRETCH WITH THE BLACKROLL® YOGA BELT  Yoga is not only one of the oldest, but also one of the most effective forms of exercise that can contribute to a better body feeling. Regular practice of yoga poses (asanas) gently stretches and loosens the muscles and fascia, slowly releasing tension and fascial adhesions.  People who practice yoga daily can keep their fascia and muscles soft and supple in the long run. Not only is the blood supply to your tissues much better yoga can also improve the mobility and flexibility of your muscles.  Yoga poses are often difficult for beginners. The stretching often causes problems. This is especially true if your muscles are very tense or shortened.  The BLACKROLL® YOGA BELT can be a great help in supporting individual yoga poses so you get more support and security during yoga. With the BLACKROLL® YOGA BELT, movements can be carried out particularly slowly and gently, so the stretching is much gentler than without a belt.  PERFECTING YOGA POSES WITH THE YOGA BELT  Yoga does aim for better flexibility of muscles and fascia, but optimum stretching is often not possible without aids or partners.  With the BLACKROLL® YOGA BELT, you can achieve even better stretching because it offers a much greater range by extending the reach of your arms. The BLACKROLL® YOGA BELT is 230 centimetres long. It is equipped with two sturdy D-shaped metal rings to adjust the belt comfortably and hold it securely at the desired length. That makes the BLACKROLL® YOGA BELT suitable for any body size.  Another plus point is that the BLACKROLL® YOGA BELT is a valuable supporting aid for perfecting the yoga exercises and getting into the different poses more easily. It can be used to stabilize your arms and legs or to stretch our shoulder muscles to loosen and soften the myofascial tissue between your shoulder blades.  COMBINING THE YOGA BELT WITH OTHER BLACKROLL® PRODUCTS  If you want more flexibility and mobility in everyday life and sports, you can supplement your training with the fascia tools from BLACKROLL®. The BLACKROLL® STANDARD and MED fascia rolls are ideal for loosening fascial adhesions and muscle tensions.  Tension also frequently occurs in the deeper tissue layers, which are difficult to reach with the BLACKROLL® STANDARD and MED alone. Here the small fascia tools from BLACKROLL® can be a great help in relaxing individual muscle groups and treating painful trigger points.  This is possible with the BLACKROLL® BALL 08, for example, which is perfectly suited for selective self-massage. The BLACKROLL® MINI foam roller can be used to treat smaller muscle groups (arms, calves, shoulders, hands, and soles of the feet). The pressure on the myofascial tissue is increased either by your own body weight or by the BLACKROLL® BLOCK, which can also be used to store the small fascial tools.  BOTTOM LINE  Yoga keeps the whole body supple, but the poses are difficult for many to perform, especially in the beginning. The BLACKROLL® YOGA BELT offers a little more support, enabling a much smoother stretch and offering a greater range.  Tip: In order to achieve more flexibility and relaxation in the myofascial tissue, the BLACKROLL® YOGA BELT can be combined with the BLACKROLL® BALL 08 and the BLACKROLL® MINI foam roller. Both fascia tools are available together with the BLACKROLL® BLOCK as the BLACKROLL® BLOCK SET. 
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