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JMF1336R Rising Gundam is a mobile fighter from Mobile Fighter G Gundam. Intended for Ulube Ishikawa's use, it was piloted only once by Rain Mikamura.

Originally created during the development of Neo Japan's Shining Gundam, the Rising Gundam is sent to Earth not to compete in the Gundam Fight, but to battle the sinister Devil Gundam. Redesigned for real warfare instead of duelling, this mobile fighter is equipped with practical weapons like a long-range beam bow and a polearm-style heat naginata. The beam bow was used for one of the Rising Gundam's ultimate attacks, the Rising Arrow. Another ultimate attack included the Rising Finger, which shot out a ball of energy similar to the Bakunetsu God Finger used by the God Gundam. The Rising Gundam can also be converted to an aggressive Mobility Mode, in which its shoulder armour becomes a protective shield.

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