The best woody fragrances for men

Known for their sophistication, elegance and for their ability to evoke a sense of the outdoors, woody fragrances have long been a man’s go-to choice for scent. One particular advantage is their longevity – they’re extremely long-lasting as the perfumes are primarily comprised from rich materials that sit in the base notes. These base notes add richness, intensity, luxury and warmth to the fragrance, meaning they are often a perfect match for a formal occasion. Keen to learn more? Discover our curated selection of the best woody fragrances for men at Qantas Marketplace.

Amouage Interlude Man

Amouage Interlude Man is a highly acclaimed fragrance that has gained a cult following since its launch in 2012. This perfume is a unique blend of smoky, spicy and woody notes that come together to create a captivating and complex aroma. The opening notes of bergamot and oregano lend a fresh and herbaceous tone, while the heart notes of amber, frankincense, and myrrh add a rich and resinous depth. Finally, the base notes of leather, oud, patchouli, and sandalwood bring a warm and musky finish to the fragrance. Amouage Interlude Man is a scent that is both bold and refined, making it a perfect choice for those seeking a distinctive fragrance.

Roja Parfums Enigma Pour Homme Parfum Cologne

Roja Parfums Enigma Pour Homme Parfum Cologne is a luxurious fragrance for men that exudes sophistication and elegance – it’s a perfect choice for anyone looking to make a statement with their scent. This independent British perfumery house uses luxury ingredients and craftsmanship to tell stories with scent. Beginning with a fresh burst of bergamot, lemon, and lime, it is perfectly balanced with the spicy and aromatic heart notes of black pepper, lavender, and clary sage. The base notes of tobacco, vetiver, and ambergris give the fragrance a warm and sensual finish, making it a go to for a special occasion. We love that Enigma Pour Homme Parfum Cologne is a long-lasting scent that leaves people wondering, wherever you go.

Amouge Jubilation XXV Man

Are you looking for a scent that is truly suited for formal occasions and evening wear? Look no further. Amouage Jubilation XXV Man is a gorgeous masculine fragrance that exudes a sense of royalty and luxury, which is en pointe given that Amouge was founded in the Sultanate of Oman to be ‘the gift of kings’. The scent’s top notes are a mix of fruity and spicy notes, including coriander, orange, and blackberry, which are balanced out with the deep and rich heart notes of guaiac wood, honey, and cinnamon. The base notes of frankincense, patchouli, and musk give the fragrance a warm and sophisticated finish that lingers on the skin for hours.

Bvlgari Man Wood Essence Eau de Parfum

If you prefer something a touch lighter or a scent that can be worn every day, then Bvlgari Man Wood Essence Eau de Parfum from renowned jewellery and fashion house Bvlgari might be worth a look – it’s a fragrance that captures the essence of nature in a bottle. The refreshing blend of citrusy notes include bergamot, lemon, and coriander, which are perfectly complemented by the heart notes of cypress, vetiver, and cedarwood. The base notes of benzoin, ambergris, and musk give the fragrance a warm and sensual finish that lasts all day. The overall effect is a fresh and woody scent that is perfect for any occasion, while paying homage to their deep Roman roots.

Creed Royal Oud

For hundreds of years, the House of Creed has been one of the best kept secrets in the perfume world. Founded in 1760 by James Henry Creed, the perfume house is dedicated to the creation of highly-original fragrances of truly extravagant quality. Enter their stand out, Creed Royal Oud. Rich, woody and oriental, Royal Oud’s opulence makes this fragrance well suited to both ladies and gentlemen of spiritual nature and assured elegance. Sandalwood, tonkin musk and oud combine to form the base notes of this majestic Eau de Parfum, whilst top notes of lemon, pink pepper and bergamot form a fresh twist to this classic and sophisticated scent.

Issey Miyake L’eau D’Issey Homme Eau de Toilette

In 1992, the fragrance world was transformed by Issey Miyake’s masterpiece L’eau D’Issey – its aquatic and poetic scent overturned all existing concepts. The Issey Miyake L'eau D'Issey Homme Eau de Toilette is a combination of woody and spicy notes, with top notes of yuzu, lemon, and bergamot, followed by middle notes of nutmeg, water lily, and cinnamon. The base notes consist of tobacco, vetiver, sandalwood, and musk, which gives the fragrance its distinctive aroma. L’eau D’issey is an ode to life, and to the vibrant, powerful energy that helps us rediscover the essence of life.

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