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Australia's best baby cots

Choosing a cot for your baby is one of the largest investments you will make as a new parent and let’s face it, your baby will (hopefully) spend a significant amount of time sleeping and resting. There are many different things to consider when choosing a cot for your baby like safety standards, comfort, durability and design, down to things like colour, shape and personal style. And when you think about it, babies don’t only sleep at home – you need options for holidays, sleepovers with grandparents and even when out and about. We’ve curated a list of traditional (at home) cots, portacots and pram bassinets for you to consider.

AeroMoov Instant Travel Cot

It’s the instant travel cot that really travels – take it away on holidays, visits to family and friends, or simply use it as a convenient second sleeping option in your home. It’s fast to set up and pack down, compact, lightweight and comes with versatile sleeping options depending on the age of your child, the AeroMoov Instant Travel Cot simply is a must have for every family. Let’s talk set up first, as that’s usually where people run into issues with portacots. The AeroMoov Instant Travel Cot can be set up and folded away in seconds: once the straps are undone it essentially pops into shape by itself, so no physical strain or stress for parents and carers. Simply insert the sturdy PU foam mattress and you’re ready to go. When you’re finished, fold it back up and pack it away in an elegant, slimline carry bag. Lugging a heavy, awkward cot around is now a thing of the past – this travel cot from AeroMoov weighs in at less than five kilograms and folds away very compactly for easy storage. You can store the travel cot in the narrowest of places like next to a wardrobe or under the stairs, until you’re ready to bring it out for your next adventure. Here's a great feature, the cot has two levels: a low level and a medium level. The medium level is specifically for babies up to two months old, which means you don’t need to bend over as much to pick up your baby. When your child can sit upright or weighs more than six kilograms, it’s time to move to the lower level. We love the versatility, plus it’s perfect for both indoor and outdoor use with great accessories like a sunshade and mosquito net available.

Danish design enters the chat with the Leander Classic Cot. Stemming from a foundation of form and function, they believe that furniture should fit the child and never the other way around. The Leander Classic was their first venture – and interiors enthusiasts went wild. Its rounded corners and elegant curves produce an almost sculptural expression that cocoons your child in absolute comfort. While thoughtfully-selected materials like molded beechwood and soothing cotton combine to create a unique and solid piece of furniture without compromise. The iconic, oval bed has a timeless design that evolves with your child, because a familiar sleeping environment will give your child a continued sense of security. Start by using the cot with a raised base and high ends, then as your baby grows and begins to pull themselves up, you can lower the base. Remove one rail section and later the other when your child is ready to crawl in and out of bed on their own. And when they’re ready for a big kid bed, you can quickly and easily transform the cot into a beautiful junior bed by adding the junior extension parts. It really does it all. Ensure your child’s optimal comfort and ventilation by using the mattress custom made for the oval shape of the Leander Classic cot. Complete the bed’s look by adding beautiful accessories from the accompanying textile series that come in beautiful, matching colours.

Linea by Leander – Linea Cot Natural with Mattress

Created for the quality-conscious design lover, the Linea line from Leander is contemporary, innovative and sophisticated furniture with an edgy look. The Linea Cot is designed to grow with your child, so it can be used for many years. The base of the cot can be adjusted to two different heights (to accommodate for newborns) and then be transformed into a toddler bed by removing one side. We love that once your child has outgrown the cot completely, you can transform the bed into a cozy and smart little couch! Buying a cot is probably the biggest investment you’ll make when having your first child, so you want to make sure it's built to last. The Linea Cot is made from high-quality materials, including solid oak or beech wood and FSC-certified MDF and is super easy to assemble and disassemble. Feeling safe and secure is key to a good night’s sleep and the Leander Linea Cot is built with this in mind, plus its unique Nordic design meets all the relevant Australian safety standards. The mattress is made from eco-tex certified cold foam, which is both comfortable and safe for your baby. The cot also has slats that are slightly curved, which provides a gentle yet firm surface for your child to sleep on. Let's face it, when you're designing a nursery, aesthetics matter. Leander’s Linea Cot is a stylish and modern piece of furniture that will look great in any room. It's available in a range of colours, so you can choose the one that best fits your home’s aesthetic. And of course, you can create a cozy atmosphere in your child’s room with the beautifully, colour-coordinated textiles in the Leander Linea series. The range includes bumpers, sheets, and bedding that can be mixed and matched to your style and taste.

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