Welcome to the all-new Weber Q

For the past 20 years, a singular brand has stood as an emblem of backyard excellence in Australia – the Weber Q. Revered by countless Australians and New Zealanders, this iconic barbecue has not just created your favourite foods but also your favourite memories, forming an irreplaceable part of our outdoor experiences. Now, with two decades of innovation under its belt, Weber welcomes you to the all-new Weber Q.

When tasked with redesigning such an iconic product, the steaks were sky high (see what we did there?). However, Weber's mission was clear – build on the best and make it even better. Passionate Weber enthusiasts offered their insights and what emerged is a barbecue moulded with the suggestions and preferences of its dedicated users. A product crafted by you, for you. The new model offers increased size to accommodate more of the food you love and expanded temperature range for diverse cooking methods. Plus, it’s now easier to control, maintain, move from place-to-place and most importantly, clean.

The Weber Q range introduces two key ranges: the Weber Q and the Weber Q Plus. The Plus range showcases the new Plus Burner, a temperature range extender, expanding your culinary horizons from high-temperature searing to low and slow cooking. Some of its remarkable features include:

High-domed lid

More than just a lid, this is about unlocking your potential. The higher profile ensures there's greater roasting capacity, which means more space to accommodate larger meals for family and friends. It's versatile, spacious and a game-changer for ambitious cooks.

High efficiency burners

Where efficiency meets exceptional performance, these burners are designed to provide the optimal gas-to-heat conversion, ensuring consistent temperatures without wastage. Whether you're grilling, baking or searing, these burners promise the perfect outcome every time.

Front-facing controls

Modern design meets intuitive functionality, the front-facing control knobs are strategically placed for effortless access. This design not only looks sleek but also ensures that temperature adjustments during your cooking sessions are smooth and hassle free.

Advanced grease management

A cleaner grilling experience awaits you – with a forward-facing design, changing the grease tray is a breeze. By simplifying a task that no one is ever thrilled about, you spend more time enjoying the moment and less time cleaning up.

All-new Plus Burner

Redefining flexibility in barbecuing, the Plus Burner is exclusively available in the Plus models. Whether you’re after intense heat for the perfect char or gentle warmth for slow-cooked delights, this burner is the key to a world of possibilities.

Weber Connect compatibility

Merging traditional barbecuing with the digital age, Weber Connect opens the door to guided cooking by providing step-by-step instructions in real time. With dedicated spaces for both the Connect Smart Barbecue Hub and the ambient probe, the Weber Q ensures you have a digital sous chef by your side.

Every design feature keeps the modern cook in mind, which means the Weber Q isn't just a barbecue; it's the future of outdoor cooking. So, whether you're a seasoned pro or a rookie eager to experience the magic, the Weber Q and Weber Q Plus promise a journey filled with flavours, memories and shared moments – because really, that’s the only thing that matters.