Conversations with Michael Lo Sordo

The Fashion Edit

Australian fashion designer, Michael Lo Sordo shares his thoughts on investing in timeless pieces, and wardrobe essentials.

How would you describe the values and principles that your brand represents?

The value of my brand is to be "exclusively" not exclusive, and to offer attainable luxury at the core. However, in the end, it's all about making women feel beautiful and that's the true value and principle I go by.

What was your inspiration for your latest runway collection?

This anniversary collection inspiration came from my fascination with the cultural richness of French nightclubs. I have always been particularly drawn to the shift from bourgeois balls to dance halls in the 1920s when women started to become more confident with their dressing. I have always loved the decadence and spectacle of Parisienne nightclubs. The textures and rich fabrics that decorated these clubs, particularly the use of velvet, baroque accents, and silk are all referenced in this collection. From a design perspective, the silhouettes that were seen during the 90s were a focal point for my designs.

In your opinion, what are some of the biggest fashion trends right now, and how did you incorporate them into this collection?

The trend right now is investing in timeless pieces that have longevity. Tailoring is also a huge part of the season, with a hint of romance coming through.

Blazers are a timeless wardrobe staple. How would you recommend styling a blazer for a daytime and night-time look?

Blazers in the daytime are easily worn with work clothes, and when running errands. Then by night, you can keep the same blazer when it's chilly by draping it on your shoulders over your dress.

What is your approach to mixing colours in your collection, and what advice would you give someone who wants to experiment with incorporating more colours into their wardrobe?

I always dare people to take a risk with colours. My best advice is to just give it a go and be confident, I've never seen someone who doesn't look good in colour!

What is your favourite travel destination and why?

Paris of course! I am lucky enough to be able to travel there every season to show my collections, and always find myself feeling inspired. With each visit, it's more and more beautiful.

What is one clothing item you can't live without while travelling?

My cashmere pyjama set that I wear on the plane!

If you had 1M Qantas Points, what would you buy with them and why?

I'd use my points to buy all the new men's fashion on Qantas marketplace. I've had my eye on a few luxury items that have been so carefully curated on the site.