Introducing the Şener Besim collection

Melbourne-based designer Şener Besim finds inspiration in the complex geometric architecture of his rich Ottoman heritage, juxtaposed against the minimalism and stillness of the metaphysical. His designs aim to find a balance between luxury and mindfulness, with a focus on high-quality materials and expert production, Şener Besim pieces exist outside of fashion and beyond trends.




Demi-Fine Jewellery

Predominantly working with a vermeil finish, ŞENER BESIM Demi-Fine Jewellery is crafted from a solid sterling silver base with either a 14kt gold or rhodium coating using 90% recycled materials. The use of precious & semi-precious gems is not only for aesthetic purposes but is strongly linked to Şener's long time interest in the metaphysical. Fundamentals of this belief system are explored regularly in his pieces as the symbolic properties of stones play a key role in determining their place in a collection.





Luxury Knitwear

A curated selection of knitwear styles showcasing ŞENER BESIM's signature blend of contemporary and minimalist design. Made in Italy from a luxurious blend of Italian yarns, and specially designed to transition with the wearer throughout the year. These pieces span a range of essential, trans-seasonal styles, available in both black and ecru, created to function as the foundation pieces of any wardrobe.




Eyewear, handcrafted in Japan

Handmade in Japan using aviation-grade titanium, ŞENER BESIM eyewear is architectonic, delicately ornamented, & technologically pure, they are the ultimate in 'face embellishment'. Each piece is unisex, limited edition & finished with engraved titanium nose pads, carefully fitted for optimum comfort & durability, custom onyx crystal tips & lenses made from organic compound resin No.39, hand-cut to fit the patented floating lenses.

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