NOHRD Combi-Trainer

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The Combi-Trainer completes the Wallbar system to provide a full-body workout exercise machine and will considerably extend your range of exercises on the Wallbars. Its lying surface is upholstered with a special non-slip material to guarantee a good hold during exercise and it functions exclusively with body weight for resistance.

The unit can be hung in various positions which increases or decreases exercise intensity and thanks to variable sitting and prone positions, all muscle groups can be trained effectively. The cable control runs smoothly and silently over the ball bearing mounted rollers. After your workout the Combi-Trainer can be hung into the Wallbars for storage.


  • Will considerably extend your range of exercises on the wall bars.
  • Available in all wood types to match the Wall bar
  • Special gripping upholstery ensures safe training and prevent users from slipping off
  • Can be adjusted to sit on any run therefore allowing increased resistance core opportunities
  • After use the combi trainer can be attached vertically to the wall bars for storage


  • 190 x 60 x 85cm (lying surface)
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