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Q Bag Tag 1 Pack

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Currently unavailable for purchase until July 2023

The Q Bag Tag is a permanent bag tag that allows you to check-in your baggage easily when flying within the Qantas domestic network and eliminates the need for a paper bag tag, streamlining your journey through the domestic terminal.

Designed by world-renowned Australian designer Marc Newson, each tag contains world-first technology that synchronises the flight details on your boarding pass or Qantas card with your baggage. The Q Bag Tag does not store any personal information. Space has been provided for you to write personal contact information, if you choose.


  • RFID technology embedded in a durable hard plastic disc
  • Soft rubber outer ring
  • An elastic cord to enable easy application to your luggage handle
  • Q Bag Tags aren't required to be linked to an account and you don't need an account to use them
  • We recommend if you're a Qantas Frequent Flyer member that your membership number is contained within your booking to accrue Qantas Points (where eligible)
  • The tag needs to be attached to the bag and then taken to the bag drop, where you can scan your boarding pass (either mobile or physical) and this automatically inputs the domestic flight details onto the tag.

Please note: The Q Bag Tag comes in one colour only, red as seen in image. Q Bag Tags are not connected to your Tier Status.

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