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Handmade Vintage Crystal Wine Glasses White

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The pinnacle of the Plumm portfolio, every Plumm Handmade glasses is individually and carefully mouth-blown and handcrafted from premium European crystal, creating a uniquely fine and balanced glass. Based on the classic shapes from Plumm vintage, the larger bowl size of these glasses is designed to carry the very best wines, allowing them additional room to breathe. Plumm Handmade comprises REDa, REDb, WHITEa, WHITEb and Sparkling. PLUMM Handmade Vintage WHITEa Designed for crisp, fresh White Wine. Crisp, fresh white wines require a smaller bowl and narrower opening to enhance the aromatics. The WHITEa design captures more delicate floral and fruit aromas found in Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling, Pinot Gris and other crisp fresh white wines. PLUMM Handmade Vintage WHITEb Designed for Medium Bodied & Oaked White Wine. Medium bodied and Oaked white wines require a larger bowl and wider opening to allow the wines to breathe and be in balance. The WHITEb design enhances the complex profile of Oaked Chardonnay, White Burgundy, Aged Semillon and other medium bodied and oaked white wines.
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