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Adam Liaw Everyday Oblong Serving Bowl 24cm

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"Designing the Adam Liaw Everyday Range began with a Simple Idea: What if we just Designed our Plates and Bowls for How We Eat Every Day?

We Don't like Waste and We're More Environmentally Conscious. The Plates and Bowls Fit Together so if youre Saving Leftovers for Tomorrow, Putting aside a Plate of Food or Heating in the Microwave, You wont Need Plastic Wrap or Containers.
Many of us use Dishwashers, so we have Designed the Pitch of the Bowls specifically to Stack More Easily in them. An Obvious and Elegant Solution to a Common Problem.

To Acknowledge that We Eat shared Meals more often and Cook a Variety of Cuisines, the Everyday Range has a Modular Design that suits Different Styles of Eating; whether youre used to Eating from a Bowl or a Plate, or with Knife and Fork, Fork and Spoon, or Chopsticks.

We're Concerned about Portion Sizes and our Health, so we Reduced the Size of the Plates. This Smaller Footprint also helps with Storage, as they dont Take Up Much Space in the Cupboard. Simple Solutions for Modern Life.."

Adam Liaw


  • Designed in Australia by Adam Liaw
  • Manufactured from Premium Porcelain
  • Chip Resistant
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Microwave Safe
  • Oven Safe (160 degrees)
  • Giftboxed
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