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  • 1 x MBX® Mat
  • 1 x SMARTBAND Standard 
Imagine converting your home into a high-performance mind-body space with our WELLNESS SET.


The SMARTBAND™ instantly improves your technique and helps you stay in the ‘impact zone’. The kind that tones your abs, butt and legs.

  • Delivers a low-to-medium level of resistance (perfect for beginner and intermediate fitness levels).
  • Compressible rubber handles deliver maximum comfort in hand.
  • Over-molding integrates spine to band - providing stronger protection against snapping.
  • Ideal for the gym, personal training, home and travel.
  • The MBX mat is 1 mat but with 2 purpose built surfaces: yoga surface and dynamic exercise surface.
  • Perfect for use on the gym floor, personal training (PT), small group training, yoga and barre classes. Or convert your home into a high performance mind-body space.
  • 180.0 x 61.0 x 0.5cm, 2.20kg
  • 70.86 x 24.01 x 0.19in, 4.85lbs
  • The packaged weight of the MBX MAT™ is approximately 2.20kg / 4.85lbs and the packed volume is 0.0114m3
  • Designed for yoga exercise and BODYFLOW™ a yoga, Tai Chi and Pilates workout that will leave you feeling centered and calm.
  • Ideal for bare feet, socks and hands. Shoes should not be worn on this surface (red).
  • High density eco-PVC cushions from hard floors. Yet the same feature delivers supportive grip to avoid sinking and sliding, helping users balance and hold poses.
  • The high density eco-PVC also stops slipping and helps the mat keep stable underfoot


  • Grey surface is designed for functional & high impact exercise, featuring anti-slip coating to keep you anchored (even during sweaty training).


  • 1 x MBX® Mat
  • 1 x SMARTBAND Standard 
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