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Nano Real Bugs 5 Pack

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Calling all pranksters! HEXBUG now has nano(R) Real Bugs! These fast, creepy critters crawl around using our patented nano(R) vibration technology and are shaped to look like real insects, perfect for pranks and freaking out your friends! This pack features a Cicada, a Cockroach, a Japanese Beetle, a Water Scorpion, and an Assassin Bug! Choose one or all 5 creepy crawlers in your pack and let the fun begin. With a simple switch, they're ready to scurry about. Real Bugs are the perfect prank! Powered by nano(R) vibration technology, choose one or all 5 of these insect imposters to scurry on any hard surface and start the scares! nano(R) has patented vibration technology. You can fool and prank your family and friends. There party animals are autonomous scurrying motion. 5 different Real Bug included (Japanese Beetle, Water Scorpion, Cockroach, Cicada, Assassin Bug).

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