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Organics Signature Blend Hand Cream and Organics Avocado & Mint Foot Cream

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Self-care doesn’t have to be limited to a spa treatment. Infused with some of our most unmistakeable and inviting essential oils, this all-organic treatment is good for your skin and for your soul. There’s a certain feeling you get when you step out of a spa treatment.

A sense of calm and vitality that’s hard to match. With our organic Signature Hand & Body Lotion, though, you can bring that spa experience home – or anywhere else you choose to take it with you. Notes of bergamot and ylang ylang will immediately relieve tension and take you back to endota spa. They’re mixed with naturally-sourced, and sublimely-nourishing shea butter – so your skin feels deeply hydrated and wrapped in a relaxing aroma. Relaxation mode is on.

Give your feet some natural TLC – especially if you’re on them all day. Rich in cooling peppermint oil, soothing shea butter and nourishing avocado oil, this wonder-filled cream will heal and hydrate skin from heel to toe. We put our feet through quite a bit – whether we’re working, working out, or just walking from one journey to the next. Nature offers us all kinds of ingredients to give them something back, though.

And we’ve brought some of them together in this refreshing foot cream. Put your feet up at the end of the day and feel the revitalising tingle of cooling peppermint oil. At the same time, naturally-hydrating ingredients, including soothing shea butter and avocado oil, offer a long-lasting, moisture-rich treatment. So your feet feel as soft and smooth as they should – no matter how far you’ve trodden.


  • This set includes 1 x Organics Signature Blend Hand & Body Lotion 250ml, 1 x Organics Avocado & Mint Foot Cream 90ml
  • Organics Signature Blend Hand & Body Lotion Features:
  • Gather a single pump’s worth in your hands, then gently massage it into your skin
  • Use any time you’re in the mood to treat yourself to a moment of bliss
  • Pairs perfectly with the Signature Blend Hand Wash
  • Arnica is a healing herb that reduces bruising and helps ease muscle pain and stiffness
  • Avocado is rich in essential fatty acids, this creamy natural oil an help reduce inflammation as it moisturises and softens rough skin
  • Bamboo exfoliates are gentle on the skin, non-irritating and non abrasive providing an eco-friendly way to cleanse and purify
  • Vegan
  • Not tested on animals
  • Made in Australia
  • COSMOS Organic
  • Organics Avocado & Mint Foot Cream Features:
  • Once you’re off your feet for the day, massage a generous amount in, from your toes up to your ankle. Nestle into a pair of your favourite cotton socks and head to bed, your feet will wake up feeling as replenished as the rest of your body
  • This treatment makes for the perfect way to wrap up a day on your feet
  • That time in bed allows the ingredients to work their wonders so you’re all set for the morning after
  • Deep cleansing peppermint oil cools the skin and its refreshing fragrance enlivens the spirit
  • Shea butter naturally softens, smooths and conditions the skin while it soothes
  • Bio active complex
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