Whizz World Construction Car Trio

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Link the vehicles together and pull apart. Chunky dumper , mixer and pickup truck to drive.

Magnets connect the 3 vehicles. Born to drive - drive the trucks across the floor. Crawl as you drive, or push a truck to see it soom. Drive up a table leg and over the sofa.

Link up the tricks and whizz them around corners together. Driving is a fun way to enjoy ealry imaginative play.

Busy builders - tip up the dumper. turn the mixer, Move the winch, play building sites at home, in the garden or in a sand pit for even more fun. Ttake trucks out to enjoy driving wherever you are. Dump to tip up. Mixer to turn.

Winch to move up and down.

1x pick up truck, 1x mixer truck, 1x dumper truck.

Magnetic links to connect the vehicles. Fun indoors or outdoors with vehicles with friendly faces.

Suitable for ages 12-36 months

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