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La Specialista Prestigio

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Have the Confidence to Craft your Taste with La Specialisat Prestigio. Experiment to find your Personal Taste, Controlling your Grind, Dose and Temperature to Extract the Optimum Flavours from your Beans and Finishing with Silky Smooth Textured Milk. Choose a Refined Experience with Uncompomising Quality for your Barista Quality Coffee at Home and create Café Quality Espresso or Cappuccino at Home with the De'Longhi La Specialista Prestigio Manual Coffee Machine, giving you Full Control over the Grind, Dose and Temperature and Finishing with Silky Smooth Textured Milk.

Coffee Perfection
Sensor Grinding Technology delivers a Consistent Dose Ground according to your Selection, Dynamic Pre-infusion Matches the Infusion to the Grind and Dose Setting for Consistent Extraction, while Active Temperature Control offers Thermal Brewing Stability for Optimal Extraction and Coffee Aroma.

Smart Tamping Station
The Smart Tamping Station ensures the Coffee Dose is Compacted and at the Right Pressure every time to Support the Extraction without Mistakes and Mess. To Optimise the Performance of Both the Coffee and Milk Processes, the Coffee Machine uses 2 Heating Systems.

Be Your Own Barista
Select from 3 Pre-set Recipes: Espresso, Coffee, or Long Black and Enjoy Delicious Creamy Coffee Favourites with the My Latte Art Steam Wand to Manually Texture Velvety Milk to have Fun with Latte Art Creations for the Ultimate Barista Experience.


  • A Machine that knows your Beans: With Sensor Grinding Technology that Ensures the Grind is Consistent Regardless of the Dose Setting.
  • Smart Tamping Station: Delivers a Consistent Tamp Pressure and Even Level all Inside the Machine without the Mess or Guesswork.
  • Flavour Control at your Fingertips: With Single Wall Baskets Dose Up to 20g and Adjust between Two Extraction Temperature to Bring Out the Full Flavour of your Coffee Beans.
  • The Ultimate Extraction: Dynamic Pre-Infusion matches the Infusion to the Grind Setting.
  • The Creamiest Textured Milk for Balanced Flavour: The My Latte Art Steam Wand has been Specifically designed to Texture Silky Smooth Microfoam Perfect for Experimenting with Latte Art Creations.

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  • EC9355BM
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