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Run Ghost Run

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Move as many of your ghosts through the hotel lobby as possible. But beware, humans are watching you through the keyhole. Move the furnishings in the lobby to hide behind them, and try to expose your opponents' hiding places!
Hide! Humans are coming!

Play as a group of mischievous ghosts, trying to sneak through a hotel... without being seen by the humans peeking through the keyhole!

Take turns drawing a Movement card and shifting a furnishing, if your card allows it, to prepare hiding places. Then at the same time, everyone progresses their ghosts through the lobby, each headed toward its exit. Once all the movements are done, one player chooses the side of the lobby on which to place the keyhole, and rolls the die to determine its exact placement. Then everyone looks through the keyhole: Every ghost that can be seen through it returns to its starting point!

After 5 rounds, tally your points for ghosts you got to your exit; the larger the ghost, the more points it's worth.

- Age: 8+

- Number of Players: 2-4

- Duration: 30mins


- 1 gameboard
- 28 ghosts
- 1 die
- 6 furnishings
- 1 keyhole
- 32 cards
- 1 rule booklet

Technical Information

- Made in China
- Box size : 20.7 x 27.7 x 7 cm
- Box weight: 0.8g
- 6 unit(s) / carton

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