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Ever-Green Double Bag Thyme Green 28-38L

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The Basil Ever-Green - a double bicycle bag that epitomizes durability and distinctiveness. Its eye-catching botanical design, meticulously hand-painted by the gifted Dutch artist Meggy Lemmens, sets it apart. What's remarkable is that this bag is crafted from 40% recycled PET plastic, showcasing its eco-conscious composition. The fabric boasts water-repellent properties reminiscent of cotton, yet it's ingeniously fashioned from a remarkable 39 recycled plastic bottles. Enhanced with vegan leather accents and antique bronze detailing, the Basil Ever-Green double bike bag stands as a true testament to style and ethics. With a voluminous capacity ranging from 28 to 32 litres, the Basil Ever-Green double bicycle bag meets your storage needs with grace. Its waterproof folding clasp can be effortlessly adjusted using a secure carabiner hook, granting you the option to expand the bag's capacity to a generous 32 litres. Additionally, the front pocket, sealed by a magnetic closure, offers extra space for your essentials. For those carrying heavier items, pairing the bag with the Basil Distance holder (available separately) ensures optimal stability, effectively preventing any interference with your bike's spokes. Streamlined attachment is made possible through the Universal Bridge system, a hallmark of the Basil Ever-Green's design. This ingenious system provides versatility in how you secure the bag to your carrier. Whether utilizing the pre-mounted straps, combining it with the Basil DBS system (detachable carrier plates), or opting for an adapter plate like MIK (both systems requiring separate purchase), the choice is yours. Elegance, utility, and adaptability come together seamlessly in the Basil Ever-Green double bicycle bag, elevating your biking experience in every way. Features: Compact yet spacious double pannier with a capacity of 28-32 liters. With the Universal Bridge system, you can easily attach the pannier to your carrier. All sides of the bag are reflective to increase visibility. Made of durable materials. Special hand-painted botanical print. Dimensions: 28 x 16 x 35 cm Part Number: 18083 Barcode: 8715019180835 Product Code: BAS BD 18083 - Model: Rear bag - Double- or singlebag: Double - Content (Ltr): 28,0 - Suitable for: Electric bicycle, city bicycle, city-trekking bicycle - Activity: Groceries, go out, recreational - Material: Recycled PET Poly - Color: Green - System: Basil Universal Bridge System - Also suitable for: Non applicable - Usage: Luggage carrier - Additional compartment for: Non applicable - Closure main compartment: Buckle - Laptop compartment: No - Side pocket(s): No - Front pocket(s): Yes - Anti-theft: No - Waterproof: Water-repellent - Fasteners compatible: Yes - Removable: Removable by means of MIK system - Handle: No - Carrying capacity : 10 kg total, with a maximum of 5 kg per bag - Warranty: 2 years, by the shop from where you purchased the product - Inner pocket: No
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