New Samsung Galaxy range


Explore, innovate and create with the new Samsung Galaxy range.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Series

Work and play with the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 series. Write, sketch, create and draw all your big ideas with the S Pen, it magnetically attaches to the tablet’s back, and immerse yourself in high-definition gaming, multitasking and video editing. Plus, link Galaxy devices for added space and innovation. Fortified by aluminium casing, it has a water and dust resistance rated at IP68.

Tab S9

Create anywhere and play everywhere on an 11” responsive display, where every detail springs to life. Powered by an 8,400 mAh battery and powerful Qualcomm chipset, it’s your go-to companion.

Tab S9+

Tap into your imagination on a 12.4” tablet screen complete with Multi Window and flexible layouts, so you’ll never choose between apps again. And rely on the powerful 10,909 mAh battery, it’s built to last.

Tab S9 Ultra

Experience the ultimate with our largest ever screen, measuring 14.6”. With a long-lasting battery boasting 11,200 mAh, it’s the tablet that is as ambitious as you are.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5

Introducing Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5, the powerful new full-sized phone that folds into your pocket. With a larger external Cover Screen you can snap a quick selfie or check updates on the go, without having to flip open your phone. Choose from a range of popping colours to suit your style and shoot hands free with Flex Mode. Plus, protect against life’s little accidents with an IPX8 water resistant rating

Pocketability and design

The durable, lightweight design and zero-gap hinge means it’s compact with impact.

Cover screen

Even when flipped shut, it’s selfie ready. Plus, check messages and app notifications.

Flex cam

Fold it, flip it, stand it – level up your selfie and group photography game thanks to Flex Cam.


Mix and match accessories with your unique cover screen and main screen displays.


It’s built with extra-strong glass and features an IPX8 water resistant rating.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5

The Galaxy Z Fold5 is our lightest Fold yet. Unfold your screen for a palm-sized 7.6” immersive display and get ready to stream, game and scroll. Capture brilliant pictures day and night with a powerful camera, including 30x Space Zoom for lunar shots, and multitask like a pro with S Pen notes during video calls. All of this is encased in super-strong glass with an IPX8 water resistance rating.

Big screen

Your morning commute just got better with the ultimate big screen experience.



Enhance productivity with a big screen that can have multiple windows open at once.


S Pen compatible

The precision of the S-Pen lets you write notes like it’s pen on paper.


Flex mode

Fold and prop at any angle for hands-free video calls, photos and entertainment.


Feel confident with extra strong glass and IPX8 water resistant rating.



Featuring a re-engineered slim xero gap hinge, it’s our lightest Fold yet.



Capture crystal-clear photos day and night with the 50 Megapixel camera.