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Cacao Lip Mask

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We€™re fighting the good fight against dry lips with our new Cacao Lip Mask. At Xlash we are no stranger to the reality of Scandinavian seasons: cold weather rolls in, holidays begin and somehow once again you€™re left with uncomfortable, chapped lips. The solution? A product that never sleeps. Our Cacao Lip Mask works to nourish your natural features all night long with noticeable results the minute morning comes. By blending innovative elements from Korean beauty with our Scandinavian roots we€™ve combined cacao seed butter, murumuru seed butter, and vitamin E, to make a lip mask packed with unmatched moisture for heavy duty hydrating. This supportive lip mask now joins our Xlips EGF and Xlips Lip Plump Serum for a lip care team that works day in and day out. With the Cacao Lip Mask you can boost your lips for a naturally confident you, whatever the season.

This night time moisturiser takes lip hydration to a whole new level. Packed with protective antioxidants, the Cacao Lip Mask has ultimate soothing and repairing properties that fight the good fight against lip skin dryness or damage. Cacao seed butter, joined together with intensive murumuru seed, creates elevated and unmatched moisturisation. By pairing these two elements with beloved vitamin E, we give you the hardest working overnight mask for luxurious lips!

- Moisturises deeply to defeat dry or chapped lips
- Soothes the skin for a soft and luscious lip feel
- Revitalizes with intensely hydrating properties

Made in Korea. Volume 20g.

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