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Tripeptide Lash Lift Mascara

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Lash Lift Mascara separates, lengthens and lifts your lashes for natural, but eye-catching results. The brush resembles a comb that defines and intensifies each lash with formula and colour.

Carnauba wax helps maintain the curved shape of the lashes for a lasting effect. Enriched with moisturising glycerine, panthenol and hyaluronic acid that nourishes every lash. Peptides stimulate the growth of lashes and help to make them longer and fuller. Pea shoot extract also stimulates molecules in the dermal papilla of the hair root for the growth of the hair shaft. 

  • Mascara that lengthens and lifts lashes.
  • Comb-like brush defines and intensifies. 
  • Enriched with peptides and pea shoots to stimulate growth.

TIP: Use our eyelash curler before application for maximum lifting of your lashes. 

Made in Italy. Volume: 10ml.

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