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GMS 120 Professional Detector

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Simple detection for safer work – the detector GMS 120 Professional is the favourite multi-detector in its class. Featuring automatic calibration, the tool avoids application errors, making it ideal for confident work. The tool delivers accurate measuring results for metal and live wire detection in various wall types and, specifically, wooden studs in the drywall mode. Equipment & Application Locating objects in walls before drilling provides increased safety on the job, especially for craftsmen doing renovation work when fitting cabinets, kitchen counters, washbasins, boilers, and heating systems, or installing A/C and sprinkler systems. From wooden substructures in drywall (3.8 cm) and live cables (5 cm) to non-ferrous (8 cm) and ferrous metal (12 cm), this versatile tool detects a variety of materials for deep scans up to 12 cm. Additional Information The GMS 120 Professional also includes a Centre Finder for a pinpoint indication of the centre of detected objects along with a reading of material properties. Its luminous three-colour LED ring clearly indicates whether or not objects are detected and features a marking hole within the ring for direct notation of each scanning result. This robust tool has rubber protection, shockproof housing, and a water and dust protection class of IP54.


  • Automatic calibration avoids application errors for more reliable and confident work
  • Locate metal and live wire in various wall types as well as wooden substructures in drywall
  • Detects objects in walls before drilling for increased safety, ideal for renovation work


  • Bosch Radar Technology: no
  • Detectable objects: magnetic metals (e.g. iron), non-magnetic metals (e.g. copper), live cables, wooden substructures
  • Max. detection depth: 120
  • Detection depth, magnetic metal, max.: 120
  • Detection depth, non-magnetic metal, max.: 80
  • Detection depth, live cables, max.: 50
  • Detection depth, wooden substructures, max.: 38
  • Wall types: Drywall
  • Dust and splash protection: IP 54
  • Material identification: Live cable, Metal
  • Power supply: 1 x 9 V 6LR61
  • Automatic deactivation, approx.: 5 minutes
  • Weight, approx.: 0.27
  • Warranty: 1 year - extended warranty up to 6 years (conditions apply)
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