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Sesame Dual Soul Cheek & Lip Gloss

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Sesame Dual Soul Cheek & Lip gloss is a multifunctional product for lips and cheeks. This transparent gel gives a stunning unique-to-you, naturally rosy shade when applied to the skin. Squalane and sesame seed extract stimulate the lipid levels of the lips and skin for increased volume and moisture retention.

Apply by dabbing on cheeks and lips and see how it transforms into your very own pink tone.  When applied to the lips, you may experience a feeling of warmth and tingling as the plumping effect takes place. This should occur only momentary and is due to the stimulating properties of the sesame extract.

  • Transparent gloss with a natural rosy hue when applied to cheeks and lips.
  • Plumping effect which increases lip and cheek volume
  • Contains moisture-retaining properties and ingredients.  

TIP: Prime lips with a lip stain before application for a boosted colour and glossy effect. 

Made in Italy. 

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