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Dinosaurs Set

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Set of 3 Dodoland Dinosaurs:

The newest member of the Eugy Dino team. Pterodactyls were large flying bird-like creatures, their sharp beaks and speed made them formidable predators of the we've brought them back to life!

An adult Tricera was around 10m (33 ft) long - and a third of that length was its head! Although triceratops means 'three horned face' in Greek, in reality, only two of them are genuine horns.

A T-rex’s 1.25m (4 ft) long and big head is highlighted in our Tyranno EUGY. It is portraying its tyrant behavior with sharp claws and teeth on full display! However, unlike common portrayal, palentologists have found that they are not as fast as we thought - humans could have outrun a T-rex!


  • Pack includes 3 Dodoland Dinosaurs:
  • Ptero
  • Tricera
  • Tyranno
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