Conversations with BEC+BRIDGE

The Fashion Edit I Bec + Bridge share the inspiration behind the latest collection, delving into the thoughtfully crafted designs created to enhance the wearer's style, strength, and personality.

Talk us through the inspiration for the Resort 23/24 ‘Hot Thing’ collection

The inspiration for ‘Hot Thing’ stemmed from a sense of nostalgia for the late ‘80s and early ‘90s - a time when we were fashion obsessed teenagers, coming of age immersed in the understated allure of minimalism and effortless spirit of the grunge era.

Who is this collection intended for?

As with all of our collections, ‘Hot Thing’ is intended for the fun and spirited BEC + BRIDGE woman who wants to feel confident and modern. It’s designed for those who embrace a sense of modernity and aren’t afraid to try styles imbued with a new season.

How do you want the modern day women to feel when wearing this collection?

We want women to feel flattered, confident and modern in this collection. The styles are thoughtfully designed to enhance the wearer’s style, strength and personality.

We first saw this collection unveiled on the Afterpay Australian Fashion Week runway in May. Can you talk us through how you have taken 80s and 90s tenets into modern day 2023?

We focused on key elements from the ‘80s and ‘90s and reimagined them through a modern lens. Silhouettes were adapted to work with today’s preferences but took inspiration from iconic styles of that era, including clam diggers, structured suit jackets and bubble hemmed skirts. The colour palette exudes a modern and refreshing vibe while paying homage to the trends of that time, incorporating candy-coloured lace and grunge-inspired tartan prints, and embellished detailing with diamantès and sequins.

Citrus seems to be one of the motifs throughout the collection, why have you gravitated towards this colour?

The Citrus added a vibrancy and zest to the designs, making them perfect for the dynamic and festive atmosphere of the season. It captured the essence of summer, evoking a sense of energy and positivity that aligned with the intention of this collection.

Which is your favourite piece from the collection and why?

The Venus Mini Dress - incorporating the Citrus motif and dazzling sequin embellishments, this style perfectly embodies the collection and party season it was designed for.

Where can we expect BEC + BRIDGE girls to be wearing the collection this summer?

Expect this collection to grace all kinds of summer gathering and events throughout the season. Our standout styles were designed with this purpose in mind, providing sartorial party staples defined by striking silhouettes and embellished details.

What are some non negotiable clothing items you must pack when travelling?

Versatile styles that can be effortlessly tailored to the occasion - an effortless maxi dress, staple linen pants (such as the Harriet or Harlow styles) and a chic two-piece set.

Which item from the collection do you think will become a bestseller on Qantas Marketplace?

The Courtney Frill Maxi Dress in Blue Blossom - this is a best selling silhouette that is so flattering and perfect for summer events, in a new season print that has been so well received and loved amongst our customers so far.




Where is your favourite travel destination and has it ever inspired your design work?

So many to choose from, but we can’t go past France. The eclectic vintage markets there have certainly been a source of inspiration and influenced our design process.

Lastly, It’s been 22 years of BEC + BRIDGE. What are the most notable points of your brand’s evolution over the years, and what can we expect to come.

A few pivotal moments include being worn by international celebrities, welcoming our covetable Wedding Edit collection, and the introduction of our own brick and mortar stores, with 12 boutiques now open across Australia and counting.

Looking ahead, the brand is committed to innovation in design, continually improving sustainable and ethical practices and further expanding our global presence.


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