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TCL NXTWEAR-S XR Glasses Stunning Audiovisual Experience Engineered with the 130-inch screen at 4 meters distances, FOV 45°, dual Micro OLED display with 1920 x 1080 at 2D, 3840 x 1080 at 3D content and ultra large screen, NXTWEAR S offers a cinematic visual experience. With 49 PPD (Pixel Per Degree), the glasses provide a private, high-quality screening space. TCL NXTWEAR S transforms personal admin and work, while it becomes an everyday adventure for gamers and streamers anywhere, anytime. Your Personal 3D Theater NXTWEAR S supports both 2D and 3D films, games, and other streaming applications. Allows you to immerse yourself in a movie as if you are in the theater. Additionally, you can quickly switch 2D/3D modes and brightness through the dial on the right temple. (Only Android with dp device supports 3D films and the APP.) With the built-in speakers, NXTWEAR S brings dynamic stereo sound. The ultra-linear unit delivers a better bass sound. There is a volume wheel near the left temple, which allows you to adjust the volume within a second. Moreover, thanks to the phase cancellation design, NXTWEAR S has a private mode, reducing the high-frequency sound, and allows you to enjoy videos without disturbing the people nearby. Multi-device Compatibility NXTWEAR S is compatible with smartphones, tablets, PC, and gaming consoles, including Xbox, Switch, and Playstation. With the NXTWEAR S, you are able to watch a movie on the bed without holding a smartphone. If you prefer to use your own earphones, you can connect bluetooth through the smartphone as well. Additionally, it is directly powered by connected devices. Customized adaptor: Devices that do not support DP, such as iPhone, can also implement the screen projection function. Lightweight & Portable The pocket-size frame is small enough to be carried anywhere, anytime. Ergonomic Design NXTWEAR S is built for comfort. The cambered surface with soft, skin-friendly finishes bring a higher quality wear experience. Crafted with adjustable nose pads, NXTWEAR S can be suited to different face shapes. The temples of the glasses are also made to be durable and resilient.


  • Dual Micro OLED FHD
  • 130-inch giant screen
  • Directional Speaker
  • Support 3D Movie
  • Near-sighted vision support


  • Compatibility USB Type-C With Display Port
  • Condition New - Brand New / Sealed
  • Product Dimensions 56mm x 154mm x 51mm(Folded)
  • Weight 89 g
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